Maharaja Log Home Construct – The unique Volumetric Texture of Contemporary Log Homes

Looking for a unique and cozy home these days is somewhat a rigorous process to handle today. However, the good news is there are new innovations developed and introduced in the market today, and among of these innovations is the log homes . This kind of house will definitely give us a distinct and refreshing dwelling.

Certainly, woods are naturally the most suitable and coziest construction for human living from the old times until today. It is a popular knowledge around the world that there have been many great constructions of wooden architecture designs in both Europe and Asia. The structures come in various shapes and variations such as vacation places, temples, palaces, churches, and cottages, and all of them have remained unchanged throughout centuries passed even today.

Seeing these stunning architectural designs can leave us wondering how these structures survive through all the years with the changing seasons and weathers. This amazing occurrence is due to the technology that forestry utilizes and the preparation of the logs involved in the constructions. The wood is no doubt a durable and reliable material to use in constructions.

The Maharaja Log Homes perfectly fuse the antiquated and the contemporary design of the latest technology in the mode of manufacturing industry production. The logs that we use for the constructions are debarked immediately after being cut down to lessen the loss due to insects and decay as well as to reduce the sapwood moisture content.

When the construction is done, the logs will naturally lose its moisture. However, the art applied in our round log house construction is in its proper fitting while the constructing the building. We also make use of the natural elements and characteristics of the logs to make our wood dwellings airtight. In addition, we developed a distinct way of putting key locks to allow the technology function with nature and pull tight the log structure over time. Thus, we are keeping our constructions strong and robust.

Overall, our dwellings are ultimately gorgeous and aesthetically expressive. The distinct volume of the texture that comes with the logs is dearly loved by most people who are already bored of the dull life that the city structures bring, especially with the massive existence of flats and the standard decorations accentuated in every modern dwelling.

In other words, the logs are absolutely the most refreshing way to escape the tedious routine style of living to give yourself and your family as well as your friends to bask in the weekends and breathtaking vacations in a completely invigorating atmosphere of the woods.

So, if you want to experience a luxurious way of getting utmost rest from vacation villa made of cabin woods, then The Maharaja can definitely help.

We made sure that the products of logs are curved or laminated in modular beams, according to every desired architectural construction from the homeowners who would love to experience a revitalizing and calm living style with the natural, refreshing of woods.

Get the enlivening feeling of living in a dwelling that is made up of refreshing woods. Nothing feels better than living with nature.

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